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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
Thanks for visiting Cottage Hill Church online. We’re hoping our website gives you a sense of who we are and what’s important to us. If we were to wrap our mission around one visual, it’s moving along in the journey from wherever you are right now, to right where Jesus Christ wants you to be. Each of us has been on a unique journey to this very moment.
The experiences we’ve had, the people in the journey and all the ups and downs have formed who we are right now, even as we meet online. It’s our mission to move together from wherever “right now” is on to experience the full life Jesus Christ designed – and died – for you to experience. As we all do that, we experience all that God planned a Church should be. What’s Important to Us?

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Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler

Senior Pastor

Jeff Chandler is a native of Manchester, NH. He grew up in a family of four boys and attended the local Congregational Church. As a preteen, Jeff’s life drastically changed when his father abandoned the family. A new teaching position landed his mother in a school where two committed Christians began sharing God’s love and faithfulness with her. The ongoing exposure to these women and their bible-teaching church led Jeff to commit his life to Christ.

Ted Scibelli

Ted Scibelli


Ted Scibelli is a Springfield native and grew up attending the Catholic Church. He committed his life to Christ in 1976 while listening to Christian radio and reading Christian literature.

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